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There many things that I have in my life that give me great joy.  One is my photography, to be able to capture the beauty of a single moment.  The stillness, the calm, and that nothing is ask of me.  The other is my gardening, this is a photo of  a cymbiduim orchid.  These I […]


I met Riko about 20 years ago.  I immediately thought that his work in wood was some of best that I had ever seen.  He takes a piece of  blank wood, and will turn that into a face.  These pieces have so much expression, and feeling, that you can’t help but feel it yourself.  People with this kind of talent all over this country, and they need some exposure.  So I wanted to share some of his artwork with the world.  I have also included a little bit about the Riko.  I like to think that he is like most artist, just a little different, because that mind is always working on his next project.

I would like to share with you a little about me.
Woodcarving is a creative pathway for me to express myself. I create my work from several different kinds of wood that is split from rounds. I create a sense of emotion in my work. In order to achieve this I use elements of distortion in the facial features such as long noses and pronounced cheeks. I also focus on the grain, which reveals movement and liveliness in the facial features of these wooden faces. During the process I am letting the wood speak through the grain to reveal its beauty. To create these beautiful works, I use hatches, chisels, rasps, and various hand tools. All of my work is original and one of a kind! Enjoy my imaginative work!